Expert and Legal Reports

Each year we receive numerous requests from solicitors throughout Australia to supply expert advice on matters relating to acceptable standards of health and safety and compliance requirements.


A report is prepared on each case, which can range from a simple slip, to a fatal incident, to major critical incidents of a public nature. We are frequently required to attend court to provide expert advice on such matters, in which our qualifications and expertise has been recognised and accepted by the Supreme, District and Industrial Courts throughout Australia.


In providing expert advice and professional services in our consulting roles we are therefore mindful of examples from these legal cases which reinforce the level of commitment and standards required for health and  safety management systems, hazard controls, design engineering and other preventative measures.


Top tier firms also engage us to undertake independent investigations, undertake risk review and advisory scopes under legal professional privilege.


This segment of our business regularly reinforces our beliefs that effective analysis, design review and engineering is essential to reduce injury and, in extreme cases, the loss of life.