Expertise that drives health and safety success

Management Systems

AusSafe have been involved with the development, implementation and maintenance of health and safety management systems for more than 20 years. We have actively supported large and medium size organisations (including public sector) on full and partial system development and implementation scopes. 


We have assisted numerous organisations and departments to develop and implement a variety of systems based documentation including policies, corporate OHS governance standards, management process procedures, risk based health and safety procedures and work specific aspects such as plant safe operating procedures, safe work instructions and other risk based system outputs.


Our consultants are independently certified OHS management system (OHSMS) auditors and have expert knowledge and experience in key OHSMS criteria including AS/NZ4801, OHSAS 18001, SafeOp, Safeguard, TriSafe, National Self Insurance Tool, Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner audit criteria, and other State based requirements.


The AusSafe team has advanced capability in health and safety risk management with a number of our consultants holding Masters level degrees in risk management. We have undertaken risk assessment and facilitation scopes across many industry sectors including oil and gas, construction, infrastructure, electrical, telecommunications and manufacturing.


Our services regularly include the development of health and safety risk management frameworks for organisations (including integration with enterprise risk frameworks), organisational health and safety risk profiling, organisation wide or project specific risk reviews, risk workshop facilitation and risk assessment/ studies using both common and advanced risk assessment technique.

Investigation Services

AusSafe Consulting is focused on delivering integrity in investigation processes and ensuring that leaders and organisations are informed, enabling them to exercise due diligence.  We regularly provide expert assistance in relation to incident investigations, including major incidents, fatalities and legal cases. We are experienced in applying the internal procedures of our diverse range of clients, including many ASX200 listed companies and Government departments, and where necessary, undertaking investigations under legal privilege.


Our investigators have experience in leading major investigations, including application of ICAM and Taproot methodologies and a range of other client specific investigation processes.  The Lead Investigator maintains all necessary investigation process records for the client, monitors progress against the investigation plan and is available to attend stakeholder presentations.

Health and Safety in Design (HSiD)

AusSafe assists clients to incorporate safer and healthier design principles to the continual improvement of existing operations, design modifications, new structures and processes.


We have assisted clients to mitigate risk through each stage of the design lifecycle and achieve cost efficiencies throughout the effective design life and in construction.


Our services include HSiD workshop facilitation, reporting, independent verification and support roles.  AusSafe is able to apply a range of risk modelling and facilitation techniques subject to industry and client needs.


We have undertaken HSiD services for a range of design scopes including highways, roads and bridges, electrical generation, office and embassy buildings, public and recreational spaces, process industries, rail and maritime infrastructure.

Process Safety Management

Our PSM approach and supporting services relate to 3 key elements

  • People 

  • Process 

  • Plant


The AusSafe team is able to facilitate and coordinate the key steps involved in establishing and maintaining an integrated Safety Case, or other defined scopes including system and safety case design, safety assessments and risk studies, process hazard analysis and risk modelling, emergency planning and investigation scopes. 


Our collective capabilities enable our team to bridge the gap in knowledge and expertise that is offered by traditional engineering firms. We do recognise the need to utilise technical experts for engineering and other defined scopes and we have experience coordinating specialist services as required.

Occupational Health and Hygiene

Our health and hygiene capability focuses on integrating effective health and hygiene management approaches within clients’ overall risk frameworks and management system processes. Our team holds tertiary qualifications in their chosen field of expertise including degree qualifications in Health Sciences and experience in the application of health based prevention strategies at work . Our occupational health offerings are broad and include fatigue, drug and alcohol management, heat stress, asbestos management, noise management and ergonomics. Our approach typically commences with a systematic Health Risk Assessment (HRA) taking into consideration work activities and work coordination aspects (e.g. shift patterns), work environments and hazardous chemicals (including naturally occurring contaminants).


AusSafe’s hygienists are recognised by the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) and regularly assist clients with health hazard identification, occupational and workplace monitoring, risk evaluation and provision of management advice in relation to health related hazards. We can assist clients with noise monitoring, chemical exposure, confined space, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) including lighting and ventilation reviews, asbestos management programs and heat stress and thermal environment assessments.

Ergonomics and Human Factors

AusSafe and its experts have worked in the field of ergonomics and human factors for more than 20 years. Our specialists are regularly involved in the provision of ergonopmics and human factors assessment services to a broad range of clients and skilled in a range of qualitative and quantitative assessment tools such as RULA, OWAS, the Nordic Questionnaire, the Mital Tables and the NIOSH equation. We undertake workstations reviews and detailed task analyses using digital footage, which provides quantitative data on recognised musculoskeletal risk factors and/or user design aspects. In undertaking our assessments we adopt a consultative and participative approach.


AusSafe has also been involved in a number of large scale research projects for both industry groups and government. These projects have involved the development of appropriate sampling techniques and measurement tools, the collation and analysis of data, and the interpretation of results. AusSafes strategic relationship with the University of Queensland also allows us to access the latest research and trends in human factors, in addition to accessing human factors academics to assist with specific scopes.

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