Audit, Assurance & Due Diligence

AusSafe is known for its foresight and impact in dealing with health and safety matters.


Each year we assist numerous organisations with the audit, review and third party

assurance of management standards, procedures and risk based documentation. We undertake desktop reviews, implementation reviews and contractor assurance auditing scopes. Our auditing and review capabilities include inspection and evaluation of physical

compliance against key health and safety technical standards. These include (but are not

limited to):

  • Access and egress including fixed walkways, platforms and ladders

  • Storage of flammable and combustible liquids

  • Temporary structures and scaffolding

  • Conveyor and loading systems

  • Integrity management including key inspection, testing and maintenance programs

  • Machine guarding and inherently safer design considerations

  • Pressure vessels and pipeline systems

  • Fall prevention systems

  • Gas systems and installations

  • Fire protection, response and mitigation systems


We understand the needs of high-risk industries and regularly undertake critical reviews of complex health and safety issues, including critical risk assurance scopes. Our consultants also have an excellent working knowledge of key OHS management system criteria. Our auditors are certified OHS Auditors (Lead or Principal) with Exemplar Global (previously RABQSA).


Various Australian government agencies retain AusSafe as health and safety auditors. As part of the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme, eight (8) of AusSafes consultants have been appointed as Federal Safety Officers by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC). In addition AusSafe is also retained by Comcare as WHS auditors and accredited PQC Auditors in Queensland.


Our Accreditation Scheme Support can include Readiness and Mock audits with AusSafe appointed Federal Safety Officers.


Due Diligence assessments are conducted to examine and provide an assessment of the relative level of compliance and standards of safety in an organisation and related facilities. These assessments also evaluate the effectiveness and acceptability of safety management systems, controls and design standards. Our role in the Due Diligence process is to ensure that mergers /aquisitions and organisations become informed.


AS/NZS ISO 45001

AS/NZS 4801


OHSAS 18001


FSC Accreditation Criteria 


Custom Criteria


National Self Insurance Audit (NAT) Tool






Legislative Compliance